Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Update

We haven't had any straight picture posts for a while. Between the pregnancy, and not going to Florida, and the camera's going down for a while there isn't a ton of riveting material. Still, it's a whole season or two of life, and even ten random selections can put a little coherence to it and help you remember it.

1. All the way back to the aftermath of Christmas. Children #4 and #2. That red toy in the center of the frame is a device for scooping sand/making sand castles, though in the winter we use them with snow for the same purposes. 2. Line for Snowtubing, Ski Lifts, et al

3. The Making of a Triple Decker Bunk Bed. #s 3 & 2.

4. Easter. My annual Easter verses are visible on the table, though happily I don't think anybody will be able to read them.

5. On the Verge of Spring. This may even have been the first day the buds were out. #2 learned to ride in literally a single afternoon. Lest I be mistaken for a modern safety nut, I try to discourage them from wearing the helmets, but the kids today think it's de rigueur equipment and it's cool. Like I would have thought about playing baseball without a glove, even though the tough kids in the Dominican who grew up to be real ballplayers didn't need any stinking gloves. I would have thought it was declasse' at the time though.

6. 9th Birthday Party for Child #1. At the bowling alley.

7. The End of the Party. Deer Hunting

8. #5, a Few Hours Old

9. We Did Go on an Outing to White Lake, Near the White Mountains, on Memorial Day Weekend.

10. #5, 2-3 Weeks Old. Her head still looks like the other guys, but the rest of her looks more like a girl, especially her limbs, fingers, toes and such are daintier and more refined in appearance.

3 quickie posts. I probably won't be able to get up anything quasi-reminiscent of a piece of writing by a legitimate intelligent male adult until the middle of next week at the earliest.

The only Google search that led anyone to the site today was for "paul eskey". Who wouldn't be intrigued?

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