Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Vacation Pictures We didn't really go anywhere. However there are a lot of noteworthy places within 90-120 minutes of home, so we saw some of those. We went to the Brattleboro house for a couple of days... We climbed mountains in 3 different states--Haystack in Vermont, Major and Blue Job in New Hampshire and Agamenticus in Maine. This pastime is the inspiration of dear Sabrina, who is a great lover of fresh air, plants, nature and all that sort of thing. I was angling to try to squeeze in another day in New York City somewhere, but I was craftily outmaneuvered... We went to Storyland (the scene below is from the 3 bears' cottage). Storyland is a kiddie amusement park in the White Mountains that dates back to the 50s. It is not the sort of thing one can imagine Samuel Beckett or Jorge Luis Borges going in for, as far as visiting unironically anyway, but I kind of like it. It is not very raucous, and anybody who is naturally cool, whether they are over or under the age of 8, finds it lame-o. Mostly there are just recreations of the most famous fairy tales, along with a few rides. Although it is relatively expensive to get in, I think it is fairly priced compared to other parks of this type, and they don't try to gouge you too aggressively once you get inside. You're allowed to bring your own food in, if you want. Also they sell a lot of very cheap (as in under $5) souvenirs that are still nice to have if you're a little kid. I'm talking about cereal bowls, pencil cases, place mats, that sort of thing... More mountain scenery. We went to the seaside too one day but none of those pictures was anything really striking... And one day we went to Boston. Who is that?

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