Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's A Song For You Too

It isn't that I have run out of wordier ideas, don't worry. I just haven't felt like sitting down and banging out a 1,500 word essay for a few days. I will soon enough.

This does take me back to junior high school, not that there is any particularly compelling reason to want to go there in itself. However, it was the early days of MTV, when innocence and hope and naive bravado, if they did not wholly set the tone for that network, at least seeped through the cracks from time to time. The narrative of this video, played out to the end, is most reassuring, an assurance that today's imagists seem to have lost the sense of how to pull off. When I see this I really believe that the unfortunate geeky guy 1) has some kind of secret competence, 2) deserves to get a cute girl in the end, and 3) the girl will actually like him, and is actually a sweetheart herself. Nowadays in movies and pop culture I find that the geeks come off as wholly inept and unlikeable, that they don't deserve love, that the girls are not sweet and that their supposed incredible looks are the result of industrial production. It's all a mess.

And boy, did I tell you I like the girl who comes in at the end? Talk about 80s cutie pie extraordinare. I would go back if it was going to be like that. I hope this role was not the high point of her career before the camera. She deserved more.

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