Friday, June 05, 2015

Blogging Practice

I wanted to put a song in this post, but among the many activities I have had to (further) cut down on recently is digging around for old songs online. Also my main computer at home now has, for the benefit of the children, a gigantic security block on it which forbids access to any website that might contain anything offensive or inappropriate, which includes Youtube, Google images, and the like. Obviously I could either summon up the energy to figure out how to undo the block for my personal use and put it back on again when I am finished, or I could just buy myself a tablet (especially seeing as everyone else in the family over age 5 already has one for him or her-self) that I could theoretically do all kinds of private things on; in the second instance though I ultimately don't think the extra expense is worth the potential pleasurable reward at this point.

I went out to the movies last week with three of the children, something I only do about once or twice a year. One of my sons, the one (so far) who has been diagnosed as being 'on the spectrum' had for some reason which he never explained to me a very strong desire to see Tomorrowland, which has gotten, accurately, pretty mediocre reviews as a story, though there were some parts at least where the expensive production values saved the experience from being wholly unsatisfying. Anyway, it is unusual that any of my children express such an interest in seeing anything, so I was curious to go, besides that I always enjoy an excuse to go out among the public, going to the movies is a venerable tradition in our country, etc, etc. The children got pins associated with the movie as a promotional gimmick when we bought our tickets--silly, perhaps, and obviously intended to be manipulative, though I don't remember ever getting any kind of souvenir or door prize at the movie theater when I was a boy (though I certainly encountered plenty of references to them and wondered what they were), so I appreciated the gesture. This movie has tanked at the box office. There were about twenty people in the theater, besides us, on a Saturday night on its second weekend of release. I'm very curious as to why my son wanted to see it so much. He wouldn't tell me, even though he asked me if he could go every day for two weeks. I am guessing somebody at his school must have talked about it in a way that made it seem desirable. The children all seemed to enjoy it, at least the outing gave them something to talk about. I think the plot was a little convoluted for my six year old, but he appreciated the magic parts and got some material for jokes to be used later in the week, so the experience was not wholly lost on him either.

I had a longer exposition I was going to slip in here but I think rather than let another week go by I will just post this little bit to make the site seem as if it is still active.

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