Friday, April 04, 2014

Moving the Blog Due to Malware Invasion

I have set up a new site, at, due to this one's having been invaded by Malware, which I have no idea how to get rid of, and don't really have the time to learn.

I suppose if this page becomes well again I can move back. Think of the archives here that will be lost.

I am hoping the new site will have some effect of unclouding my brain, which of late has become almost paralyzed with regard to writing, or even thinking. I don't know what can be done about it. The following was the entirety of my saved work for the week before the Malware crisis erupted:

My mind is so unlucid. It is maybe the greatest disappointment of my entire life.

I need to tell a story. I need to get back to stories.

I have never had a good sense of what the consensus is on this question.

Hopefully any regular readers can find their way over to the new postings.

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