Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Time Might Be the End, For Real. I am Out of Bullets

I think the blog is going to have to go on an extended sabbatical, other than an occasional recording of movies or books or other data. The time constraints and distractions and necessary chores have for some reason during the past year or so become overwhelming, to the point that I cannot sit still and write in a deliberate manner at all. This disappoints me greatly, and I am feeling very defeated at losing my writing altogether--my 'creative' writing of course I have lost long ago--the idea of doing which means a lot to me, but it is impossible for me anymore to write a note or have a thought on what I ate for dinner that bears even a superficial resemblance to the literary tradition of our language. I almost am starting to wonder if I have some kind of degenerative brain disease. Maybe someday I will be able to have a couple of hours of peace at a time of day when I am reasonably alert and I can take up the kinds of things I am interested in with the necessary concentration and energy again, though to be honest I am not hopeful of that day's arriving anytime soon.

I am only aware of the identities of a couple of regular visitors to the site, though I think there are a few others, making in all perhaps seven or eight. Thank you, and I apologize that I was never able to bring the quality of the site to the level that I was aiming for. As I say, I may still occasionally post something about movies, or a book, or a trip, or a song I like, but I don't think they will be regular, and on other topics I guess I have exhausted any such thoughts I have about the entirety of existence and experience, which were not very many as it were. But nothing much comes into my head anymore, other than to wish at the end of the meal that more food were coming.

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