Friday, August 03, 2012


Because it could be another week before I can finish another post. Plus we have Frances both singing and playing a library aide (real librarians have master's degrees). Can it get any better?

This is a good little song. It is simple, but it conveys one sense of not having anybody very well, which is that plausibly eligible young people who are unattached but think they don't want to be are usually funnier and always more interesting than similar-aged people who are taken, because of course there are few things in the world more interesting than a young person with eligibility, but also because a person without romantic entanglements is more absolutely himself. Anyway, I think this song does a good job of capturing that sensibility.

Have you noticed that nobody really sings funny songs about longing or being alone anymore? The Smiths and Morrissey worked extensively in this genre in the 80s but the general public doesn't seem to have appreciated their efforts. It's a more honest and appealing genre than both the I don't need anybody/nobody's good enough for me/I'm getting in the last word and dumping you not vice versa trend or the treacly earnest stuff.

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