Saturday, March 24, 2012

Announcement (For the Odd Person Who May Drop in More Than Once a Week Looking For a New Posting, Just In Case Such a Person Exists)

It is taking me a really long time to write my next post. I hope Sunday night something will be up, though even that will be the usual thin gruel, intellectually speaking. The compulsion even to put up this announcement is odd, but very real--I imagine that I have actual fans, or perhaps I should rather say correspondents, to whom I am in some way accountable for material, though there is no evidence of this being so. I think of the people of the past who did maintain personal correspondence, in many instances on a nearly daily basis, with so many people, writing for each one a personalized letter. This is not quite the same thing, but it is in some way close to how I feel, and I attribute a terrible importance to maintaining a schedule of some kind on these blog postings, though in fact unlike correspondence with even a single person nothing is at stake at all.

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Virtual Memories said...

Oy, with the waiting with bated breath!