Sunday, March 06, 2011

Musical Interlude (i.e., a Cheap Post)

I stumbled upon this while doing my researches for the TV theme song openings. It made me laugh. The early 1960s were a good time to be a clever young man. This movie always reminds me of all kinds of cool things--ideas, jokes, aesthetic statements, music and the like--that I have always suspected I maybe didn't just miss, but missed less widely than most attractive casts of mind, incorporating into my own persona.

There is of course no time that it is bad to be a clever young man, the legitimate ones as a rule rarely suffer from neglect, or fail to draw followers and admirers in any age. I suppose my intention was to say that the early 1960s seemed to especially foster this kind of young male cleverness that people find so attractive more than most eras. The Elizabethan period of the 1580s and early 90s and of course the Romantic era are even more obvious examples of ages where young men flourished and set a distinct cultural tone for their time.

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