Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Lennon Sisters--October 1966

Watching these old Lawrence Welk shows from around '66 and '67 you can just feel the cultural tension rising. Welk wasn't cool and he apparently was a crummy musician, but as long as he had the Lennon Sisters on every week, he could go toe to toe with any program or cultural movement on the air in raw babe hour, and you better believe he knew it, and that even as an old Republican it put a little bite in his step, to mix a couple of metaphors. When they finally left him either in '68 or '69 he fought like a rabid dog to prevent them, and apparently remained bitter for years afterwards for, for as you can imagine it killed his show deader than the ascendance of rock of roll could ever have dreamed of doing. All right I know it's late at night and I'm probably a little out of my head but God damn, look at these girls!!

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