Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Hampshire State House (Part 1?)

I shouldn't be trying to post so much. I ought to do one essay/post a month, and revise it and work on it until it is actually good. then I'll have a real website.

It isn't Paris, but we did duck into the State House one rainy afternoon to look around, drop by the governor's office and visit the cafeteria in the basement. Unfortunately because of the rain I forgot to take any pictures outside, where there are several items of interest I wanted to write on, but we go there quite frequently as it is right in the middle of Main Street, and perhaps I can save these for some future post.

Militarism is Unabashedly Celebrated at the New Hampshire State House. No Diego Rivera workers' murals here. My son naturally loves this painting. Overlooking the State Legislature Room. Obviously we dropped in on a non-session day. No heated debates on the merits of gay marriage while we're there I guess.

Window in State Senate Balcony. The beautiful and fabulously well-stocked (is that even a right word?)New Hampshire State Library is visible on the ground outside.

Senate Room. I am especially enamored of this room, I think. The panel on the far right wall outside the frame of the picture depicts General John Stark dropping his farm equipment and hustling to meet the call of duty during the revolution. I'm really exhausted. Don't expect this last caption to make any sense at all. I am delirious.

More Enjoyment of Archaic Militarism. Yeah I've lost it. Good night.

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