Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Do Think This is Groovy

I like the young girls they have dancing around at the end in this video (there is a similiar selection lining the aisles in the one for "Your Mother Should Know" too). My wife points out that they are most likely all professional models, but nonetheless they look more like the sort of person one might encounter in the course of a normal life than models today do. In the first years of the hippie/awakening era--especially '66 & '67--the women did look great, and there were lots of 18-20 year olds bursting on the scene. In addition there was no pronounced obesity epidemic among the young comparable to today, and I think the basic level of schooling and acculturation of that age cohort, again considering normal, mentally unspectacular people, was better for the nurturing of a liveliness of mind than it is today. The subtle understanding of how to choose and wear clothing that really enhances one's appearance, for some reason a totally lost art among the majority of the population nowadays, including, regrettably, myself, was still held valuable in 1967, and was adhered to even by the early experimenters in hippie fashion, which was a lot more interesting and attractive than what was soon to follow.

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