Monday, December 08, 2008

Road Trip--Part I

O's Eatery, Chatham, NY. On the Taconic State Parkway. Highly Recommended.
The Crew Gearing Up For Lunch at O's. As usually happens, the fried meal I ordered tasted much better than the sun-dried tomato and lobster-flavored mayonnaise thing that Sabrina ordered, so we had to switch plates after two bites.
View of the Taconic State Parkway. This is a real old school highway, which, as it runs almost side by side with I-87, means that it is pretty much empty until you start to approach the suburbs of New York City. It also means unfortunately that the towns that got left behind view anybody passing through on the road as a revenue source. About 10 miles before this stop I got a ticket for going 71 miles an hour. It's still a great road though.
Molly Pitcher Rest Area, NJ. Since I'm the only person apparently left in America--at least who is under 40--who doesn't have a cell phone, I had to stop and make a phone call here. Like all the rest areas on the NJ Turnpike, with the possible exception of the Alexander Hamilton (the Hamilton being just a few miles past the Vince Lombardi, which is the first rest stop after New York City going south, it is comparatively uncrowded and sedate) this place is always a madhouse, but I had the phone booth room--and they still have twenty lonely payphones in it--all to myself. If I had been cleverer I could have taken a picture of that that would have made a statement.
Entrance to the Molly Pitcher Rest Area, NJ. I am disappointed about the flash messing up the picture, but you must picture the scene, and that I had about two seconds to get the picture off while there wasn't a wave of people moving in one direction or the other.
I don't normally like a picture to be the last thing in a post, so I am just going to type this short sentence here.

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