Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Goodness, It Worked
I have been trying to figure out for a while how to put a video in the post. I have the video in, now I am trying to write some words. It is a strange kind of typing, the words jump all around the image and all that. Should you type first & put the video in last?
I've been on something of a Charlie Chaplin kick for about the past year. I may write something about that at some point if I have anything to say about it. He was a great ladies' man, of course, and he liked them young. Personally I think he had about the best taste in women of all the great directors. Paulette Goddard (seen here)! What. A. Dreamboat. False eyelashes are truly the most underutilized accessory in the modern girl's bag of tricks. Paulette Goddard is my latest dead movie star love interest. Increasingly I find myself only able to love people who are dead, or who at least haven't been current for a long while. Charlie Chaplin's last wife, Oona (Eugene O'Neill's daughter) was a gorgeous creature too. These are honest-to-God ice cream and Coca-Cola raised American girls too. Now I don't know if I like Paulette Goddard's personality as much as say, Teresa Wright's--I don't think Paulette was much of an actress, certainly she was never going to play Desdemona on the stage--but who cares? (I apologize for the writing here, but it is late, I have wasted at least an hour figuring out how to embed a video--few people I think have been more thoroughly humbled by the ascendancy of computers as I have--and my 'text' is flying all over the page here around this box so I can't see it.

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