Sunday, June 15, 2008

...and a Few More
Because they only let you put 5 pictures on a post.
The guys in a tree on Ellis Island. While I can't help assuming that the impression was dangerously and foolishly illusionary, I did find the whole day, and the setting, to be really uplifting. I am, I think, by nature an optimist but by education and experience a pessimist. I have generally found that whenever I have taken the liberty of declaring an enthusiasm for something that other people have not been so much eager to share in my delight as to tear my pretension to pieces, so that I am always suspicious of my own impressions. However at my level of experience, understanding, brainpower, etc, which admittedly is a lot to ask more advanced people to make allowance for, I thought it was a pretty uplifting day.
The children I think enjoyed the outing a great deal. They got to ride on the boat of course, there was some space on the islands for them to run and climb, there were shops with toys in them and a cafeteria serving great all-American food like chicken nuggets, lemonade and ice cream at semi-reasonable prices, the water was full of boats of all kinds, there were several large bridges within view, most notably the Verrazano, and of course the Statue of Liberty itself is so large and green when one is near it, perhaps especially so if one is a child, that it makes for a great spectacle, but not one that accosts all your senses at once like say, a Chuck E Cheese's restaurant.

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