Monday, October 05, 2009

Music Post

This is still not about serious music, but videos I have been watching lately. And I am fully conscious that they are not the best I could be watching. I am tracking my general state of mind by what songs produce some emotional response in me at various times.

My real goal as a blogger you know is to become one of those guys who constantly goes on about how he is the only genuinely educated, courageous, and free man left in America, and how everybody else should be ashamed of themselves. Knowing one is of that degree of superiority has to be somewhat satisfying.

I remember liking this song when it first came out. I never saw the video at the time, so I didn't realize quite to what extent the guys in the band were flaming.

This was a big Euro-hit when I was in Prague. I have never heard it in this country, so I am guessing it didn't make it over here. It calls up to memory the five months of continuous grey sky that lasts from mid-September till February in that land and the excitement of all the "firsts" one experiences during a long stay in a new foreign city. It is in a way like having one's freshman year of college all over again. I apologize for the singer not being as attractive as we might like.

I need a new theme song, and this one pretty much encapsulates my life, right down to the ever-flowing fountains of Asti Spumante.

I am not the biggest James Brown fan in the world, but the allusion to him in the last song reminded me that this particular number, at least, is about perfect, expression and entertainment-wise.

We might as well get as many hyper-gay groups out of the way as possible. Yes, I'm talking about the Pet Shop Boys. I don't usually go with the extended version, but this has to be one of the greatest music videos of all time. Yes, it is also supergay, but I am man enough to handle it, I think. Obviously the ridiculous chick trumps all of that other stuff. Here's another good one. Love the chorus girl in the 1950s NHS-issue glasses.

1972. If not the Ground Zero year for totally ordinary suburban people engaging and exulting in raw and unbridled sensualism, it must have been pretty close. Sometimes I think I wish I had been there, but then again, sometimes I don't.

As far as my new theme song goes though, in reality it's always going to have to be something like this. Man, is this a sweet, sweet song, or what? If this isn't a SJC Waltz Party standard--and I don't remember it being one--it should be. This is like the extreme essence of an SJC waltz party song

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